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Sunday, 4. August 2002
A plastic wrap outlives eternal love

Should be true, but never plastic can feel as eternal love, no matter how fleeting.

Speaking of plastic, sometimes I daydream about a perfect country that runs without currency (people work for pleasure, prestige, vocation of service, etc.) where resources (appliances, food etc.) are available for all its citizen at their sole discretion.
I usually have problems in how to prevent that such a country (that has reached such a level of wealth and function that no money is needed) be looted from foreigners without being discriminative.

Some solutions that would create natural barriers or discourage foreigners are:
- no religion
- drugs allowed and developed except for bad quality ones as crack etc.
- no weapons available for citizens
- no plastic

In this imaginary country plastic would be banned under ecological and esthetic reasons. In Singapore, chewing gum is banned, so this does not sound too weird.

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